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Jogging to Lose Weight: Is It Effective?

Jogging to Lose Weight: Jogging is one of today’s most popular exercises when it comes to losing weight. Aside from helping to burn off excess fat and maintaining weight, jogging to lose weight can also help keep the mind fresh and increase the stamina.

Running a good distance regularly is perfect for working out large muscle groups such as the legs, and won’t even require you to exert extra effort in order to get the results that you want. Jogging to lose weight will work out the whole body, compared to other forms of exercises which usually focus on one spot only.

Jogging to lose weight
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Jogging With A Buddy


Jogging to lose weight is only one part of weight loss. Thousands of people have successfully lost weight when they tried this complete weight loss package.Try it now!

Jogging to Lose Weight – What are the benefits of jogging?

Jogging is not only one of the fastest way to lose weight but it refreshes the mind during the most stressful days at work or at school. Since there is no other equipment needed aside from your running clothes and shoes, jogging can be done any time of the day. It won’t even cost you anything since you won’t need to hire an instructor to teach you how to do it properly.

You can bid goodbye to abdominal fats and love handles if you choose to follow a jogging to lose weight program known to effectively burn calories. Besides, running and jogging are known to improve the body’s metabolism and believe it or not, also help in increasing the appetite.

Some people who are following a weight reduction program often complain on their low appetite, which makes it harder for them to eat regularly for losing weight effectively. By jogging regularly, the body will be charged up and will make the appetite improve significantly.

People suffering from sleep disorders such as insomnia also found jogging to be effective in dealing with their problems since working out regularly improves the blood circulation in the body. Hypertension, heart problems, cardiovascular disorders, diabetes and osteoporosis can also be avoided by jogging regularly. It can also help in regulating the circulation and supply of oxygen in different parts of the body.

Jogging to lose weight

Many people are still skeptic about how effective jogging is to lose weight. For them, jogging a certain distance is not enough and should be accompanied by other forms of exercise in order to tone certain areas. The truth is, jogging regularly is enough to help fight off obesity, lose and maintain weight and keep the body healthy and strong from debilitating diseases such as heart attacks, high blood pressures and diabetes.

Jogging is best done early in the morning. Before the actual jogging session, it is advisable that you warm up and stretch your muscles for fifteen minutes to avoid straining and fatigue. The best place for jogging would be the park or an open space, where you can breathe fresh air and run on a flat and even ground.

It is important that you do not overexert yourself and only go a distance that you are capable of running to avoid over fatigue, stress and other health complications. Always pay attention on your posture and the movement of your hands when jogging. Running regularly for 30 minutes a day for an entire week can make you burn around 1800 calories. This is a great achievement for anyone who’s trying to lose weight.

Jogging would be a more effective exercise if you wear quality running shoes, to avoid straining on the legs and at the same time, provide comfort. It is also important that you wear comfortable clothes while running in order to help you focus more on the distance that you want to cover.

Exercise Consistently
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Exercise Consistently


jogging to lose weight

Jogging to lose weight is only one part of weight loss. Thousands of people have successfully lost weight when they tried this complete weight loss package.Try it now!

Jogging to Lose Weight – Importance of consistency

Consistency is one of the major key factors when it comes to getting your desired results. Missing out on your jogging sessions will only bring your farther away from your dream weight because the more you procrastinate, the more you will lose motivation in jogging to lose weight. When it comes to your capacity, you can always increase it slowly by jogging longer distances after a certain period of time. Doing so will make you see a significant change in your stamina and fitness level.

Of course, jogging itself is not enough to lose weight effectively. It is also important that you practice a healthy and balanced diet in order to be consistent on your calorie intake and burning.

Which is more important? Speed or distance?

Many beginners are often confused when it comes to which is more important: the speed or the distance. Experts suggest increasing the distance of your runs first, before trying to improve on your speed. As you build up your strength and endurance, then you can start on gradually improving your speed.

It is also important that beginners do not rush into speed training and interval workouts since not only will they stress themselves from too much exertion, but it is also an easy way of getting themselves injured. They can however, start adding strides in their weekly runs after two months of regular jogging sessions wherein they have already established a solid base and endurance in running.

Jogging to Lose Weight – Set your goals and schedule

Every weight loss program will require you to set a goal that you need to strive for. Attempting to lose weight drastically can lead to different health complications, instead of being beneficial for the body. Instead of setting bigger numbers to lose in a week, trying to lose around one or two pounds per week is safe and can be easily attained.

To lose at least two pounds in a week, you will be required to burn at least 1000 more calories than what you regularly consume in a day. This will be made easier if you reduce 500 calories from your daily food intake and burn the rest through exercise. The body mass index or BMI will determine the number of calories that you can burn in your jogging sessions. It will be easier for you to keep track of your achievements if you keep a list of your food intake and the duration of your jogging sessions.

Jogging to lose weight is only one part of weight loss. Thousands of people have successfully lost weight when they tried this complete weight loss package.Try it now!

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