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Diet Low Carbohydrate – Top 2 Low Calorie Diet Plans For You

Low calorie diet or also known as low carbohydrate diet or diet low carbohydrate is a diet that aims to reduce your calorie intake by reducing your carbohydrate intake. Different low calorie diets have different ways to restrict your carbohydrate intake. Some will reduce your overall carbohydrate intake while others ban you from eating specific foods such as white bread and white rice as they are high in carbohydrate.

Most of these diets recommend eating more organic foods like fruits and vegetables as they are low in calorie and rich in nutrients. Low calorie diets also forbid you from eating artificial foods that contain lots of empty calories and have no nutritional value.

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Diet Low Carbohydrate

Here are 2 healthy calorie diet plans that are highly recommended:

1. Fat Loss 4 Idiots

Diet Low Carbohydrate
Fat Loss 4 Idiots

Unlike many other low calorie diets, Fat Loss 4 Idiots does not make you starve at all. Instead, this diet low carbohydrate program satisfies you from all corners and helps you lose weight at the same time. How great is that! Fat Loss 4 Idiots claims to be using the technique ‘calorie shifting’ but if you look closely at their meal plans, you will notice that it is actually a low calorie diet that has a few exceptions.

Firstly, you are allowed to eat both healthy and unhealthy foods.

Secondly, you have to ensure that you eat different types and sizes of meals at different times on different days. So if you were to eat a slice of bread for breakfast today, you must eat something different that contain different amount of calories for breakfast tomorrow.

There are 2 advantages to it. First, you definitely won’t get bored of your diet. Second, when your calorie consumption level varies widely on a daily basis, your body would be unable to determine the level to keep your metabolic rate at. As a result, your body will maintain its metabolic rate at a high level. As you might know already, the higher your metabolic rate is, the faster you are able to burn fat and lose weight!

It may be tedious when trying to come up with a different meal each day. But not to worry, Fat Loss 4 Idiots has a free diet low carbohydrate generator tool that will help you generate your customized meals based on your favorite foods. Cool!

2. Strip That Fat

Strip That Fat
Strip That Fat

It is yet another low calorie diet that is highly recommended. It is based on the shortcomings of the Fat Loss 4 Idiots program whereby many who have found Fat Loss 4 Idiots unsuitable, found that Strip That Fat program suits them very well.

Strip That Fat is very well catered to beginners as it comes with more detailed and useful instructions about the diet program compared to Fat Loss 4 Idiots program. Strip That Fat also recommends doing light, home based workouts.

Diet Low Carbohydrate – 2 Similarities

The similarities between the 2 diet low carbohydrate programs is that they allow you to eat your favorite foods and their menus are fantastic and delicious. The best thing is that this is not their only plus point. Their diets include ‘cheat’ days whereby you can eat whatever you want.

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9 Responses to “Diet Low Carbohydrate – Top 2 Low Calorie Diet Plans For You”

  • admin says:


  • There are thousands of diet programs and dozens of people claiming to be experts. However, very few of these so-called “Fat loss experts” practice what they preach or have the credentials and track record to back up their claims.

  • Vasopro says:

    Low carb diet works, but the hard thing about it is sometimes you don’t feel full after eating a meal.

  • Jerry D. says:

    I admit, I have not been on this blog in a long time… anyhow it was another enjoy to see It is such crucial topic and avoided by so many, even expert. I thank you to help making people more apprised of possible problems.

  • You might have read many articles on various articles. However, most of the time you came to know that content was not up to the mark. This article is actually related to the topic and features unique information relevant to the theme of the article.

  • OK, so this will eleminate plateauing? Plateauing in my worst problem. It makes me give up.

  • I have heard that this is a very good diet to use for maintanance.

  • Carl Lagen says:

    Is eating only every other day good for you?

    • admin says:

      @ Carl Lagen
      Eating every other day is like fasting but there is a limit to it. To fast once in a while is okay but prolong fasting is not good as it decreases your metabolic rate which slows down the burning fat process.