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Sauna Weight Loss: Losing Weight By Sweating

Sauna weight loss has been around for centuries in which people use such a method to relax their muscles and ease tension from all the stress that they are going through. Taking a sauna is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable experiences you can get when going to the spa and nowadays, more and more people are actually using it in order to lose their excess fats and wash their body of harmful toxins.

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Sauna Weight Loss – Perceived or Real Weight Loss?

Sauna weight loss is not a new concept and there are even some who believe that going to the sauna every day for seven days can help them lose as much as ten pounds. What’s good about it is that it is not just water loss but saunas actually helps to boost metabolism as well. Although the sauna has been around for therapeutic purposes for years, not everyone is informed of its health benefits such as getting rid of toxins, weight loss and just simply gives you a great feeling after.

Is sauna weight loss really true? Can you lose weight by simply turning on the sauna heater and relaxing while you sweat off all your fats and toxins? A lot of people believe that this is true and to continue losing weight or maintaining their current weight, they use the sauna every day. Instead of depriving themselves from the foods that they love, all they do is step inside a room heated up to 104 degrees to relax and at the same time, to lose weight without even stressing themselves out. But this effect is only temporary if you do not watch what you eat and exercise regularly.

Sauna Weight Loss
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Inside The Sauna


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Sauna weight loss and infrared sauna

Sauna weight loss, as the name implies, is not just about losing weight but actually is a well-known method for getting rid of the toxins that could be harmful to the body. With infrared sauna, you can eat all the foods that you want and lead a happier and healthier life. Really?

The truth is, not all the foods that we consume are healthy and actually contain toxins that the body cannot metabolize naturally. However, once you step inside a sauna that is properly heated and regulated, your body can easily sweat off the harmful toxins quickly and effectively, thus, helping you lose weight and at the same time, keeps your body healthy and toxin free.

Infrared sauna weight loss is not a new concept, and it is being patronized by more and more Americans every year because they prefer natural methods of detoxification and weight loss rather than taking medications to solve their health problems.

With its availability, hundreds of Americans buy their own sauna kit in order to have one set up on their own homes. If you are the type of person who moves from one place to another due to work, portable saunas will fit your lifestyle since they can be taken down and are portable enough to transport from home to home.

Difference of regular saunas and infrared saunas

Your local gym may have its own sauna which you can enjoy after working out but unfortunately, it will not give you the same sauna weight loss effects that an infrared sauna can. If you have the extra money, you can always purchase an infrared sauna and have it set up on your home so that you can just sit back, relax and at the same time, lose weight without even lifting a finger.

Sauna weight loss can be one of the effective methods to solve the problems of obesity nowadays. It has become a popular weight loss regimen for many and since it is also capable of relieving tension and stress, more and more people are finding it an essential must have for their homes.

Infrared Sauna In Garage
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Infrared Sauna In Garage


Still cannot keep the weight off permanently with sauna weight loss? Try the complete weight loss package here!

Sauna Weight Loss: How it works

Sauna has the ability of burning the extra calories from your system that you do not really need. So how to get rid of cellulite using sauna? It works by causing the sweat glands to produce excess sweat, thus, causing the body to burn more calories in turn.

Sauna weight loss basically, is the burning of extra calories in different ways you cannot imagine to be possible. One of the processes that it uses is by increasing your body’s heart rate and once your heart pumps more blood, it creates a cardiovascular boost in your body thus, leading to more calories burned and eliminating the stress and tension at the same time.

With the excess and stored heat, sauna weight loss also works by eliminating any extra salt from your body by sweating it all out. Since salt is one of the major factors for gaining weight, any excess salt deposited in the body stays under the skin. This in turn demands additional consumption of water in order to keep the body nontoxic. Doing so will result in gaining water weight which can be eliminated if you regularly take sauna.

One important note to keep in mind is that you should consume lots of water before and after utilizing a sauna weight loss session since it will be very unhealthy for your body if you sweat off everything and not replenish it with its much needed water. By taking regular saunas, you can eliminate harmful toxins such as sulfuric acid, mercury, sodium and lead from the body.

How to Use a Sauna To Lose Weight

  1. Before you enter, drink plenty of water
  2. Stay for a few minutes (5-15 minutes)
  3. Exit sauna and drink water to replenish lost water.
  4. Rest for 15-20 minutes
  5. Enter sauna again and stay for a few minutes (5-15 minutes)
  6. Repeat the whole process a few days a week to see significant results.

How Long To Stay In The Sauna

How long you stay in depends on how well your body is able to acclimate, and how often you use a sauna. If you are new to sauna use, limit your time to 7 minute intervals, and gradually increase the time your endurance has increased.

Recommended to spend 15 minutes or less. Saunas can help you relieve muscle aches and relax. According to UAB Medicine, adults should use a sauna for 15 minutes or less. Staying longer than 15 minutes is dangerous because saunas cause dehydration. Get out when you feel sick or dizzy.

For Maximum Effect

Sauna weight loss is one of the most effective methods to boost metabolism and is definitely worth trying. Although it is not the best or the quickest way to lose weight, with the availability of portable and home saunas, you can install one in your home to enjoy the benefits of losing weight without having the need to go to the nearest gym or spa in your area. As such, it is wise to combine sauna weight loss with regular exercise and a healthy diet.

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